Lumpinee Stadium To Close Permanently

News recently broke that the famed Muay Thai stadium, Lumpinee, will likely not be re-opening. This is thought to be a part of military reform plans. The stadium came under scrutiny back in March 2020 for proceeding with an event, despite a government lockdown being implemented just a few days prior. The stadium is likely to be converted into a sports centre instead.

Lumpinee, along with Rajadamnern stadium are two of the most historic and prestigious Muay Thai arenas in Bangkok. The stadium moved in 2014 to a new site, to accommodate more spectators. Stadium title holders are considered to be some of the most elite fighters in the sport and it is a huge goal of many fighters to achieve such status. Previous Lumpinee stadium champions include Saenchai, Anuwat and the only foreigner to win the title twice, Damian Alamos.

The sport of Muay Thai has struggled immensely during the Coronavirus pandemic. With fighters not earning to support their families, gyms all over the world closing and now potentially a pivotal stadium closing, it is paramount now more than ever that fans come together and support fighters, gyms and promotions where possible to keep the sport growing. 

ONE Championship have done exceptionally well to keep events flowing regularly, and events will slowly but surely return across the rest of the world, but with a lack of finances to accommodate for fighters’ isolation and minimal revenue due to no fan attendance this will have long-lasting impacts. Support your gyms, keep training where you can, and tune in for your favourite fighters when they return


George Gordon

George Gordon


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